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Frequently Asked Questions
1.   Do I have to live in Upland or be registered to vote to sign the petition and endorse Friends?
You can live anywhere and still endorse us!  Our online endorsement and petition (along with paper signature pages) is collecting endorsements from all people of all ages, regardless of their residency location or voter status.  If you support the work we are doing and want to endorse us to continue to operate Upland Animal Shelter, please sign the petition online or in paper format.  Yes, kids can also endorse us.  Each person endorsing online must have their own unique email address, as the online system will reject duplicate email addresses from signing.

What does Friends of Upland Animal Shelter do for the City?
Friends of Upland Animal Shelter (“Friends”) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public benefit charitable organization dedicated to finding shelter pets loving homes.  FRIENDS operates the Upland Animal Shelter in partnership with the City of Upland's four Animal Control Officers and is responsible for sheltering and finding homes for all animals that are available for adoption.
       When was Friends founded? 
Friends was formed in August 2011 by several dedicated volunteers who were already actively volunteering at the City’s newly constructed and opened municipal shelter known as “Upland Animal Shelter” and the former Upland Animal Services Supervisor.  From the beginning, Friends was dedicated to assisting the City to provide a high quality of care for homeless pets and find homes for as many adoptable pets as possible.  Specifically, Friends supplemented staffing and addressed resource constraints at the shelter by organizing volunteer labor and raising funds to offset public funding of the shelter.  In August 2011, Friends was accepted by Upland Community Foundation as a member organization.  In February 2013, Friends incorporated as a tax-exempt, non-profit charitable benefit 501(c)(3) organization.  Without the support of Friends during these early years, the City would not have been able to provide as high a level of care or save as many animals due to on-going and significant staffing and resource constraints. 

In 2015, as part of a Citywide fiscal responsibility effort to address budget shortfalls and save money, the City reduced the shelter budget and requested and reviewed proposals from animal welfare groups and selected Friends to operate Upland Animal Shelter in conjunction with the City’s Animal Control Officers.  Friends assumed direct responsibility for all animal care and adoptions at the shelter at no cost to the City on May 2, 2016.  To our knowledge, this is the first-of-its-kind arrangement where a service provider is not compensated for their services.

4.       Does the City pay Friends of Upland Animal Shelter to operate the shelter?
No.  Friends has successfully operated the animal care and adoptions functions at Upland Animal Shelter since May 2016 with no direct monetary funding from the City.  The City’s four Animal Control Officers provide field services.  Animal Control and FRIENDS jointly occupy the City’s shelter building and the City pays for the joint use of utilities (i.e., electricity, water, refuse, phone, internet, and software).  According to the City Council Staff Report dated March 11, 2019, this has saved the City approximately 40% of its annual shelter operating budget.  To our knowledge, this is the first of its kind arrangement in California where an open intake municipal shelter does not compensate their service provider for their services.

5.       Does the City pay for supplies?
No.  Friends must seek monetary donations and donations of supplies to offset the cost of food, medicine, bedding, toys, and all other supplies related to animal care and shelter administration.  We have been very successful in creating beneficial partnerships with local businesses and national pet supply corporations to meet the majority of our needs at no cost.  When we have a shortage, we ask our supporters for help.

6.       How is FRIENDS funded?
As a non-profit organization, Friends relies on private funding and donor support to care for Upland’s abandoned animals.  While Friends generates revenue from adoptions at Upland Animal Shelter, this does not cover the costs of operating the shelter.  So, we also operate 2nd Chance Thrift Shop in Upland.  All net revenue from our fundraising activities and thrift shop operation support our shelter operation and makes it possible to offer free animal care and adoption services to the City of Upland.

7.       How many animals does FRIENDS handle each year?
Friends operates the major functions of animal care and adoptions at the open intake municipal animal shelter on behalf of the City of Upland.  Over 6,796 animals  entered the shelter between May 2016 and March 2019.  Over 90% of all animal have been adopted, transferred to other rescues, or returned to their owners.  At 90%, Upland is considered a “no kill” community.  No animal is ever euthanized for space or treatable medical or behavioral issues.  Unfortunately, it is most often the unowned, neonatal kittens who have been separated from their mother and are too week or malnourished by the time they arrive at the shelter who do not survive.  To address this issue, we have launched a Trap, Neuter/Spay, and Return (TNR) Program for community cats to reduce the number of unowned kittens being born every year.   We have also partnered with other animal welfare organizations including ASPCA, Oregon Humane Society, and others to transfer overflow of cats and kittens to other shelters who are able to help find them homes.

8.       How many staff members and volunteers do you have?
Friends currently employs seven (7) full-time and four (4) part-time staff members devoted to animal care compared to the City’s three (3) full-time staff members who handled animal care in 2015/2016.  In addition, the number of shelter volunteers has increased from 69 active volunteers in May 2016 (when Friends began operating at the shelter) to an average of 146 active volunteers each month in 2018, a 112% increase in volunteers. Volunteer hours have increased from 9,265 annual hours in 2016 to 15,372 annual hours in 2018, a 66% increase in annual volunteer hours.  In addition, Friends has eleven (11) paid staff members and many volunteers operating 2nd Chance Thrift Shop in Upland.

9.       Does Western University of Health Sciences support Friends of Upland Animal Shelter?
Western University of Health Sciences (Western) has conducted training for veterinary students at Upland Animal Shelter since it was built in 2010.  Under the supervision of experienced veterinarians, students learn to perform spay and neuter surgeries in a shelter environment.  Western does not charge for surgical procedures.  By providing a significant amount of surgeries every year at no charge, Western is truly a community asset that enables FRIENDS to operate the shelter at a significantly lower cost.  This makes it possible for FRIENDS to provide free services to the City as well as offer low cost adoption fees. 
10.       Does Pet Crusade support Friends of Upland Animal Shelter?
The City of Upland has arranged to have Pet Crusade provide veterinary services to the public at Upland Animal Shelter every Saturday.  While Pet Crusade retains all of their proceeds, they do spay or neuter approximately 10 to 20 shelter pets each month for FRIENDS.  This helps FRIENDS reduce its overall veterinary costs.

11.   Who pays for veterinary services?
Both Western and Pet Crusade provide spay and neuter services primarily.  Both provide very limited general shelter medicine services to FRIENDS.  FRIENDS works with several local veterinarians to provide the majority of the routine, advanced, and emergency veterinary services for all shelter animals. While these veterinarians typically offer reduced pricing for FRIENDS as a service to the community, FRIENDS still incurs significant costs for providing various medical treatments for animals.  Since we intentionally keep adoption costs low, these costs are not recouped by raising adoption fees.  FRIENDS is committed to providing veterinary care and supporting low-cost adoptions so more lives can be saved.

12.   Does Bill Landecena or the Landecena Family Foundation support FRIENDS with monetary donations?
FRIENDS is indebted to Mr. Bill Landecena who donated the seed money to start 2nd Chance Thrift Shop in 2015.  He also was an event sponsor in 2016 and 2017, and paid for free microchipping for Upland residents until early 2018.  He no longer provides monetary support to FRIENDS but his legacy of charitable giving is very much appreciated.

13.       Do you receive grants or community support?
FRIENDS receives financial support in the form of monetary donations, grants, scholarships and sponsorships from hundreds of individuals and organizations who support our efforts to save lives.  This support is ongoing and necessary for our continued success.  Along with responsible nonprofit business management practices, our overall business model has enabled FRIENDS to save thousands of lives while continuing to have resources available for expected and unexpected costs associated with our mission to save lives and operate Upland Animal Shelter for the City for the conceivable future.  

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