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  • 02 Nov 2016 7:30 PM | Anonymous


    I was working in the lab late one night
    When my eyes beheld an eerie sight…

    If you were out and about in Upland last Friday, you may have seen an unusual site…a hearse being transported in the back of a truck to Memorial Park…just in time to help set the stage for our first Monster Mash Pet Dash on Saturday, October 29.

    The hearse was courtesy of Cameron, one of our dedicated employees at 2nd Chance Thrift Shop, who just happens to have a large collection of interesting items that, shall we say, are well-suited for a graveyard smash.  Many of his items were used at the event and along the walk, which made for a lot of memorable photos and added to the fun.  Thanks, Cameron!

    That's Cameron on the left with Joe, a shelter volunteer.


    The zombies were having fun
    The party had just begun
    The guests included Wolfman
    Dracula, and his son…

    The event began on Saturday morning under clear skies and we were relieved the rain that had threatened the event earlier in the week had passed us by.  Whew!

    All manner of monsters, superheros, and other creatures and characters started arriving.  Everyone had a great time mingling and seeing all the creative costumes.  Here are just a few to enjoy.

     Lead Volunteer Nancy with Dracula (i.e., Ziggy)

     (Ziggy is available for adoption!)

    We also had a bit of a homecoming with Maya and Chelsea as well as several other “alumni” of the shelter.

    Maya and Chelsea

    Lead Volunteer Elaine and her rescued pups!

    Alan Bailey, our wonderful Monster, I mean Master of Ceremonies, played great tunes and kept the party going.  If Alan seems familiar, it’s because he has been our MC at many of our Spring Pet Adoption Faires in the past. He loves animals and is a great supporter of Friends

    Agile Paws Dog Sports did agility demos and helped pet owners try their dogs on the course.

    K9 Disc Thrills did Frisbee demos.  Wow!

    Several vendors offered a variety of services and merchandise for pets and people, including:

    West Coast Grooming Academy offered on-the-spot grooming.

    Cesar Milan’s PACK Project walked Peanut Butter, one of our shelter dogs that they’ve been training.

    Among a lot of other pet products, Cozy Pet Supplies offered Trump and Clinton dolls for sale.  (We didn’t ask which doll was selling better.)

    Our shelter staff (Shelley, Lisa, Brenda, Reyna, Peggy, and Arlene) came by the event and then opened the shelter in style.   Cameron (not pictured), one of our animal care staff, was the official photojournalist for the event.  Josh (not pictured) also helped at the event.  And let’s not forget our staff, Eric and Rachel, at 2nd Chance Thrift Shop who were not able to attend because they were minding the store.


    They did the mash, it caught on in a flash…

    After mingling and enjoying the entertainment, everyone lined up and walked (aka “dashed”) around Memorial Park and back to the party for the costume contest.

    There were so many creative and funny costumes to choose from.  The volunteers from Kohl's Associates in Action and the Helpful Honda People were the judges.  They awarded prizes in five categories.

    Best Pet/Human Duo (Maleficent and Her Dragon)

    Funniest Pet (The Cat in the Hat with Thing 1 and Thing 2)

    Most Creative Pet (Handmade Fairy Dog Costume)

    Best Dressed Human (1970s Cool) with the Helpful Honda People

    Best Team Costume (Little Mermaid)


    They did the mash, it was a graveyard smash…

    At the end of the festivities, the 5 most successful fundraisers were announced.   Cecilia was our top fundraiser.  In case you don't know, she is a professional dog trainer who also volunteers her time to work with many of our shelter dogs, and especially the shy and fearful ones.  Elliott, her American Cocker Spaniel, often assists her with more difficult cases that benefit from his calming presence.  Thank you, Cecilia and our other top earners!

    1.             Cecilia Mushinskie:  $735
    2.             Kathy Ferguson:  $575
    3.             Andy Peterson:  $550
    4.             Regina Allen:  $500
    5.             Carolyn Higgins:  $215

    Cecilia and Elliott (with a toy on his head)

    We heartily thank all of our fundraisers and everyone who participated or sponsored someone.  

    Likewise, we are so thankful for our event sponsors Merck, Katie’s Pet Depot, and Kohl’s. 

    We also want to thank the many volunteers from CalPoly Pomona, Kohl’s Associates in Action, and the Helpful Honda People as well as our shelter volunteers who helped at the event and walked adoptable dogs.  Thank you all!

    Volunteers Luis and Jason

    We say it all the time, but it is so true: without everyone's support, it would not be possible for us to care for the lost and abandoned animals at the Upland Animal Shelter.  You truly are life savers.  And that is smashing!

    We are already looking forward to next year.  Any suggestions for how to make this an even better event are welcome.  Just let us know.

    See You Next Year!

    It's now the Mash, it's now the Monster Mash
    The Monster Mash, and it's a graveyard smash
    It's now the Mash, it caught on in a flash
    It's now the Mash, it's now the Monster Mash

    Can't Get Enough of the Cuteness?

    Click Here

    for more event photos

  • 26 Oct 2016 5:30 PM | Anonymous

    With love and patience, nothing is impossible
    . Daisako Ikeda

    Our beloved Maya came to the shelter as a stray in March 2015.   We suspected she had been used as a "breeder" for a puppy mill and we were happy that she could find some relative rest and comfort at the shelter.

    Everyone who cared for Maya quickly realized how special she was and she immediately become a “fan favorite” among all the staff and volunteers.  We were disappointed when she had two false starts of being adopted and returned to the shelter through no fault of her own.  We never gave up hope, but no one could have imagined how long she would end up waiting for her forever home.

    As can happen, Maya came to the shelter with an undiagnosed and untreated skin condition.  She was itchy, but otherwise enjoyed her walks and play time.   When Banfield Pet Hospital opened another location in Upland at 823 W. Foothill Boulevard in July 2016, they graciously offered free medical exams for over twenty-five of our shelter animals.  Maya was one of them.  Even the veterinarians and staff fell in love with her in the short time they had her at the hospital.

    The good news was, after some testing, the veterinary staff diagnosed Maya’s skin condition.  The bad news was the medicine she needed was expensive.   Never to be daunted, we started the Medical Fund to help pay for “as-needed” medical care for Maya and our other animals.  And what better choice than Maya to be our first Medical Fund mascot? 

    Shortly after she started her treatment, one of our volunteers said, “I saw Maya out for a walk this morning and have never seen her so happy and acting so young.”  So, Maya had a better summer, but she was still waiting for her forever home.

    Flash forward to October when Chelsea saw a posting about Maya on Facebook from I Pitty the Bull’s John Flores.  Chelsea quickly came from her home in Orange County to meet Maya and came back the next day with her two Chihuahua's to see how they would all get along.  Our Lead Volunteers helped facilitate the “meet and greet” and everything went well.  Maya was going home!

    Since then, Maya has been enjoying a happy new life with her forever family.  Chelsea has been sending us regular updates and we are enjoying seeing all the photos.

    Chelsea also reports that she has been making organic turkey, lentils, quinoa, veggies, and vitamins for Maya’s meals and turkey meat balls and salmon for her snacks to help her get healthy and off all her medications.  Thank you for your dedication Chelsea!

    After Maya's days as a breeding female and her extended stay at the shelter, we couldn’t be happier for Maya and her new family.  As Chelsea said, “She is a spoiled and happy girl!!”

    Friends believes in the dignity of every life,

    and that every adoptable animal should receive the care and patience

     that is necessary to find a loving home.

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